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Play 3 Card Poker Gold In Golden Tiger Casino!

Whether you’re a novice or a more sophisticated player this newly added table game is just the one to captivate you and keep you gripped as you enter the world of poker. Newcomers will find the normal poker guidelines simple to follow. A single deck of 52 cards is used and new players will soon find themselves going full on at high speed!

The wagering stages start with as little as 1 cent up to $200 for all bankrolls and playing methods and has a highest bet of $200 on Pair Plus, Ante and Play. Which in turn can give out a massive payout of $9,000!

This 3 Card Poker Gold table is so real looking you could almost feel you’re there! It also has a few moving structures including the vivid chip selector and an intensified chip tray. The background music adds to the atmosphere by making it easy to imagine you are inside a real Las Vegas lobby boosting your online gaming experience even more! You will relish in all the delight and excitement this poker table gives you, so strike out and get winning those super prizes!



Play Atlantic City Blackjack In Golden Tiger Casino!

Proven to be the one of the best favored and well liked blackjack games in many casinos everywhere. The Atlantic City Blackjack Gold is a real favorite with players old and new especially since you can play this game with so much ease. Having said that it has plenty of elegant and stylish factors to it that will suit any type of player. This super game is certainly not one to be missed!

A technique is put into place where players can significantly lower the house’s upper hand while making their path to reaching the big jackpots that are put forward for you by Golden Tiger Casino. Whilst dealing each and every hand you will see communicated symbols, cards turning over and chips shifting across the table which just keeps on making the experience better and better.

You don’t have to seek far past the front of your eyes to see how wonderfully made the graphics are, and that, along with the high quality excellent digitalised sound effects together are second to none. Before you know it you’ll be lost inside the casino world with the comforting music gently flowing in the background and adding to the whole atmosphere.

Atlantic City Blackjack Gold is ”the” one to choose for any player who loves blackjack and even players that are new to the online casino world will simply just want to keep coming back for more and more! Try it out for yourself and see how gripping and absorbing this game can be!

Tomb Raider 2 Slot Machine


Play Tomb Raider Secret of the Sword in Golden Tiger Casino!

Featuring one of the best aspiring video slot games that has ever been marked out. Golden Tiger Casino brings to you Tomb Raider – The Secret of the Sword. Bestowed to you in a sleek and slick bundle this 5 reel and 30 pay line online game places fresh principals in the online gambling world. This is the exceptional online casino game guaranteed to provide you with a tremendous amount of fun and pleasure as you head towards the fantastic cash prizes. There are games and spins to be had for free here, not to mention the wild, scatter and bonus rewards!

Taken from the films and videos of the fearless and heroic Lara Croft, this brilliant gameplay brings back the excitement and tension all over again. The surprises you come across are original and will give you one of the best experiences you’ve ever had!

Players will find the amazing graphics to be as close to the real thing as they could ever imagine. The splendid sound effects are very impressive indeed and the gameplay is full of life. You will be taken to secretive places all round the globe to look for the old precious sword that is worth its weight in gold. Along the way you will come across fine treasures but you will have to watch for the perilous traps that threaten to hold you back.

Look out for The Super Mode which is activated at random, as this where you will find 5 Free Spins that are offered. Players will have the chance of winning momentous rewards with the help of the ever adventurous Lara Croft, who will athletically appear to flip any position by chance on screen Wild.

There is an award of 10 Free Spins, every one with the feature of the Rolling Reels trademark, which you will receive when you discover 3, 4 or 5 keys that have been spread out. Following wins can be rewarded up to an ultimate amount of a 5x multiplier. Lots more winning possibilities can be had from this revolutionized character game.

The final conclusion is for the Global Adventure Bonus. The swiftness and capability of Lara Croft is put through its paces as she explores the many different places in her quest to find the mythical sword, so that she can gather together all the wealthy treasures along the way and award you with your good fortune.

Every concealed treasure trove brings in a surprise of its own and the Shootout bonus gives players more chance to win extra multipliers by choosing the correct disc. This extremely connected bonus gameplay follows a tale that has a splendidly lined theme attached and is sure to have each player gripped in the authentically powerful Tomb Raider spirit.

This grand video slot machine has lavish multipliers to a total of 450x and are on hand at a variety of points. There surely is plenty of fun to be had in this multiple stage design as you try your luck. Players can in fact end up winning thousands of dollars, all from a wagering bracket that will vary from just 1 cent up to $60.00. As well as all the hours of enjoyment this online casino game will bring players will benefit from this fantastic experience and amazing offers!

So get ready to become as brave as Lara as you enter Tomb Raider – Secret of the Sword, at Golden Tiger Casino. No Need To Pay Any Deposit, Just Start Downloading For Free And Claim Your $1,500!

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